What is Pay Per Click?


As the term itself suggests, for every click a payment is made based on the bid amount that your site has put on a particular keyword. At comet SEM we implement pay per click campaigns to make your site visible at the top of sponsored listings on major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Miva and MSN. If you have a brand new site and want to tell visitors about it, pay per click is the best way for you to do it.

Ideally pay per click means advertising about particular goods and services in the internet through using the most relevant and appropriate keywords. Pay per click also allows you to try new terms before you build a natural compaign for them. Rankings for pay per click are always up for grabs if you are willing to spend more. The more you earn the more you get is the success mantra of pay per click campaigns.

At Comet, we constantly keep studying a site to find out how the site is faring in the sponsored listings. In the case that we find that a particular keyword is not doing good for you, we replace it with another appropriate keyword. All fields have competition and a great deal of your competition may be really stiff so we always keep ourselves updated about the latest trends to keep your site one step ahead of your competitors.

Keywords are the corner stone for the success of a pay per click campaign. At CometSEM we perform proper keyword research to determine the best and the most relevant keywords to describe your product. A properly organized Pay Per Click campaign is the idea vehicle to bring targeted visitors to your site in a short time.

We make sure to use the most appropriate keywords for advertising about your products and goods. Yes there is always a chance that visitors just click on your site displayed just because your site happens to be listed at the top. This is inevitable and something you will have to accept if you want to leverage this type of advertising campaign to make your site convert.