Website Design


Welcome to the world of web design. Once you cross the threshold of web design you will find yourself in a world of infinite choices, which are only limited by your budget. The question is; will you make the right decisions?

Designing a website is just as important as hiring an architect to design your office building or dream house. Only, the average downtown Manhattan building is seen by thousands of people a day, while a website can be seen by billions. Think Google!

When you consider the magnitude of these numbers, you must take your web presence seriously. Think of web design as the clothing you’ve selected to wear on the web. Just as you would never attend a black-tie affair dressed in Bermuda shorts, neither should your site!

At Comet, we evaluate your competition and align your sites appearance to compete in your market sector. Yet, we always maintain a unique and personal flair for each of our clients.

Come to Comet with your web design needs and let us create a tapestry of success for your online presence!