How’s Your PPC Going?


There is the thought process of placing your video on select sites as pre-roll ads waiting for visitors to luck upon them. And once the video begins to play you pray that they actually watch your gem. Unfortunately, pre-roll is fast becoming the replacement for banner ads in the respect that they are just pasted anyplace that will have them.

We have a different approach to this shot-from-the-hip approach. We align your campaign with our social portal efforts. We are alive and living vigorously on all of the social portals, keeping in touch with the rapid pulse of all the happenings and trends that are rising everyday. This type of data and submersion in this area allows us to be very nimble and quick when it comes to rolling out a campaign for viral video insertion into the web and most importantly, into the social portals. Give us a call and find out more! (212) 317-1947