Web Application Development


Websites are not just pretty works of art that act like a brochure these days. Websites have developed into behemoths of information and data retrieval and more. All of these functions are performed by online programs which all falls under the category of web application development.

We have extensive experience with building online applications. Building these applications are not easy. A common analogy that we use when talking about web application development is that we are building a house. First you need the project plan, then the architect and then a construction team that is overseen by a project manager.

Whether its JSP, PHP or Ajax, Comet is digging in and making it happen on a project-by-project basis. Very soon, Comet may make a dedicated department to begin to develop universal apps that can be shrink-wrapped and sold.

You see Comet is not slinking by in this land of online programming. Instead, we are launching our efforts right into the heart of the matter and sector and herding all of our experience into finely tuned and efficient solutions that give us heights to reach for. Our valued customers will reap the benefits from our eagerness to dominate the market. Now that’s a win-win scenario!