Website Assessment


Very often a marketing manager wakes up and realizes that they are confused about the standings of their site in the online world. Could this be you? Well, ask yourself a couple of key questions. Are you ready to compete with other sites on Google? Do you currently have a plan in place or are you just throwing away good money? A good marketing manager needs to determine their website’s ability to compete in its market sector. This is the job of Comet’s Website Assessment.

The Comet Website Assessment breaks down the website into various components for evaluation. Does the appearance meet with current design standards? Is everything on the site 3 clicks away? Has the site been coded in such a way to let the search engine spiders in properly? Is the overall optimization working? At Comet, nothing is overlooked.

The Web Assessment team at Comet will go over your site with a fine toothcomb. They will determine if your site meets all the parameters that the search engines are searching for when evaluating a site. More importantly, if your site is not in alignment, they will evaluate ways in which the site can be brought into alignment with the search engine guidelines.

The old adage, knowledge is power, has never been more apt than when talking about getting ready to do war on the Internet. Knowing where you stand is the best position to be in before you begin to deploy effort and energy into a web-marketing plan. After all, wouldn’t you rather know how high the water is before you build the bridge?

Give Comet a call and get the skinny on your site!