Web Analytics


Web Analytics are the proverbial heartbeat of your website. Utilizing data, you can determine the circulation of the website, both internally and externally. The goal of any well run business should be to operate as efficiently as possible. With a great

Web Analytics package in place, you can do just that! We install many applications onto your website’s platform to gather data about the site. From that data we can find out how many people visit the site a day, how many return visitors your site attracts, how many of those visitors followed the projected pathway of pages and how many actually made a purchase.

This data also allows us to study the successfulness of your content over time. For example, if we look at the data and discover that purchases are down even though a visitor takes a particular pathway, we can then tweak those pages to perform better.

If we find that your site has an 89% percent bailout rate on the homepage and it just so happens that this page utilizes a flash intro, its easy to deduce that the intro has to be shortened or eliminated.

These analytical measurements allow you to cut-the-fat and to hone in what generates a positive response from your visitors. Imagine if every visitor filled out a survey when they left your site. Well, we achieve the same results without anyone even knowing they participated.

A Web Analytics package should be installed on every 21st Century website!